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Name:Luke Valentine
Character Name: Luke Valentine
Series: Hellsing
Species: Artificial vampire/Millennium man-made
Age: 32 (OOC - no official exact age has been given, educated guess on my part)
Height: 6'4" (OOC - again educated guess on my part)
General appearance: Green eyes, very pale/white skin and long (well past the waist length) blond hair. Tall, lean physical build. Wears glasses (slightly nearsighted) and is usually dressed in a white suit with matching overcoat and gloves.
Weapons: Pair of sawed-off M1 Garands, Walther PP and foot long custom bowie knife.
Status: Dead - eaten by a doggy and later finished off by the Butler/Dark Walter.
Housing: Apartment deep in the Underground. Also has City rooms at the Den and Oh Aces. Underground Millenium villa became his by default after Major&Co. were blown to pieces. Bought beach house (located on the west side; Drowning Pool and Prison are in his 'backyard') in June (2011).
Employment: Owns both Circus Carnivore and Oh Aces.
1) Wound up first (4/2011) overseeing Circus Carnivore when Road Kamelot exited the City. Later became full owner (8/2011) when Allen Walker (his good-bye letter) followed suit.
2) Acquired ownership of Oh Aces (10/2011) when Menolly and Myrnin exited the City.
3) Given Eden as parting gift from long time friend and Major's successor, Aion upon his exit (7/2012).
1) Has Four Horsemen picture in Underground apartment.
2) Gathered Deus Ex Machina II pieces and had them made into a Ouroboros wall sculpture (hangs in place of prominence in Millennium villa).
3) 'Roommate'Len-Len (originally Road's pet).
4) In-City storage unit.
5) Thanks to a City curse and help from Reiuji Utsuho, he has Enyo (housed at Oh Aces).
Alignment: Lawful Neutral/Evil

Because he's not a true vampire, Luke (with the exception of hi-grade - not sterling - silver) isn't affected by sunlight, wild roses, garlic, holy objects, consecrated ground, running water or other known/assumed vampire deterrents. He has a soul, reflection, shadow and is capable of sex - but sterile both in body and bite (unable to reproduce children or vampires - only creates ghouls). Not restricted to "liquid only diet"; can eat/process solid food. Also able to take blood in almost any form: fresh, cold, bottled, animal, etc.,.

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